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 OOC Rules..

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Kira Ryuujin
Head Admin/Legendary Vaizard
Head Admin/Legendary Vaizard

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PostSubject: OOC Rules..   Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:30 pm

OOC Rules

Every forum needs a set of rules to keep a sense of order. Yes, they will probably appear restricting, but bear with us on them. They exist to keep this place as a respectable environment to role-play in and to make sure everyone's happy. Make sure you abide by them.

1. Spam
Hate it. In fact, detest may even be a more applicable term for how much I dislike it. If you want to spam up the forum with useless posts, go elsewhere.(Fun and games can actually a room for spam but it must be related to the game.)

2. Flaming
Basically, insulting other people on the forum and generally giving out abuse. If you do decide to insult someone, then you'll find that you're not the only one who enjoys doing it. In fact, that's exactly what we'll be doing to you after we ban you.

3. Porn
As much as we all may love it, posting it around the forum is inappropriate. Seeing as we may have members from a younger age group, it's not quite what we want as an environment. So yeah, don't.

4. 1337
1337 \/\/|11 /\/07 83 7013|2473|D!!!! Didn't understand? Exactly, so don't bother using it, or use any other forum of shorthand or text-speak. It looks stupid and it makes you look stupid in return.

5. Profanity
Yeah, don't resort to using constant profane language, it's just unnecessary.

6. Maturity
Again, referring to the younger age group we may have on the forum, just keep any OOC talk to a certain level.

7. Advertising
No advertising, including in sigs. Honestly, I thought that'd be common sense.


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OOC Rules..
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