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Kira Ryuujin
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Head Admin/Legendary Vaizard

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PostSubject: Storyline/Plot   Wed Aug 27, 2008 1:55 am

After a thousand years of war between the arrancar and shinigamis. More truth was revealed, the bountou has more survivors and from the book of the ancient bountous legends arise and can manipulate two element of dolls. More vaizards where about to find wandering around karakura town. Shingami's can attain bankai if they will train hard as well for vaizards. Quincy still searching for the other survivors and their research was able for those strong Quincy members to have two or more armors to use when battling. In soul society Dark Lucius was declare the new commander general of the gotei 13. Dark Lucius offer an alliances in the vaizard with their representative Kira Ryuujin. Kira agreed to their alliances and Vaizards can go freely inside Soul Society. In Hueco Mundo, Kurosaki the current 1st espada and the leader after aizen was defeated was form a deal in the Leader of the bountou that they can live inside Hueco Mundo and after they destroy all shinigamis they can take soul society as their place. The leader of the bountou agreed to that. The Quincy divided into to group, the first group was in shinigami and vaizard sides while the other is in arrancar and Bountou's side. As the journey continue who knows what will happen in this new era of war.


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