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 Story how captains came to be

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PostSubject: Story how captains came to be   Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:46 am

How the Captains came to be:

The year is 2XXX, hundreds of years since the great spirit war. Times have changed, and today new faces hold the power.

After the war, the new acting Central 46 decided to discharge all Gotei 13 personnel that held a significant position and to elect new members to represent the 13 Divisions. With this done, the former captains retaliated. As a truce, some of the former captains were made honorary members of the Central 46 and held the power of choice.

Before his death, Captain Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai Elected the person he took in as a child and he trusted with his life, Lucius. Since his rise to the position, he has lived up to the expectations of the Central 46.

The Second Division was given to one Baros Maxima. The Central 46 decided to kepp quiet on why he was chosen for the position.

Of the new appointed Captains, Only 3 were made to take the captains exam. On of those three was Midorikawa Michiyo. According the the report made by the test administrators, she excelled in Zanjutsu but lacked the skills to control Kidou.

Appointed by former 4th Squad Captain Unohana Retsu, Zack became the youngest captain in Gotei 13 History, but this title was snatched away from him when youngand also newly appointed 10th Squad Captain Ichiro Ugidawa came into the scene. Their rivalry is intense, with both often ending up being scolded by the other Captains.

Squad 5 belongs to Mical A. Shamble, the second Captain to be appointed. Best in his class at the the Shinigami Academy, he was voted most likely to succeed and become captain by his peers. I guess his peers were right. Mical had a lot to live up to, coming from a well respected family. And to be the first to become a shinigami, he did not want to disgrace his name. Unfortunatly for him, he has a bit of a wild side. Work during the day, party during the night.That's Mical in a nutshell...

The second of the 3 captains to be tested was 6th Captain Tsuneo Arai. Compared to the other 2 tested, he the most well-rounded Shinigami captain of all, rumors have been passed on that when provoked, he becomes a crazed killing machine

Kaeru – Raisuki was appointed for 7th Division Captain by former captain Sajin Komamura, who is now a member of the Central 46. Sajin explained that his descision was made because ”Kaeru-Raisuki displays the same thirst for justice as I once did. Also he is very loyal.”

Since the beginning of the Gotei 13, only one couple has held Captain positions. They are 11th Division’s Kazu Yudawa and his wife, 8th Division’s Ichiruki. Appointed by Lucius himself, They are also the the only 2 captains to bear a child who holds the same position.

Seraph is the second Captain whose rise to power is unknown. The only information known about him was that he was acquiainted to the Heroes Kurosaki Ichigo and Abarai Renji. He was given the 9th Division to control.

The 12th Division Captains position was given to Hanataro Hanjiru. He was the 3rd to be tested and failed the exam miserably, but because of his background, 3 of the captains agrees to appoint him Head of the research and development and at the same time, 12th Division Captain.

Finding a Captain for the 13th Division was by far the Hardest the Central 46 had to make, so they decided to recruit internally. Only 2 candidates were up to expectations, Midorikawa Michiyo and Otomeze Ichimyaku. The position was to be givin to Michiyo, but she decided not to take it. In the end it was givien to Otomeze. Now that Otomeze has become captain, he has been rumored to to be plotting revenge on one of the other captains. The reason: a very sketchy past…

So far, the Gotei 13 has been running smoothly with the new Captains in place. Little do they know that trouble has been cooking right under their nose…

Storyline by: amcam


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Story how captains came to be
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