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 New transformations Guide

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Amatsu Kusari

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PostSubject: New transformations Guide   Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:47 am

A new form has been obtained for the shinigami:Kaokai.

This release allows the user to actually fuse with their zanpaktou, gaining similiar abilities but from a more first person perspective. This includes that your stats would basically increase also obviously along with gaining some new abilities...

to Acquire this, you must train with another fellow shinigami or vaizard for at least 5-6 pages and state how you bonded or fused with your zanpaktou on the fifth or sixth page.

you must have at least up to 500 posts

Renaciamento...(forgot the name, look in zanpaktou and resureccion)

This grants the espada ability to further become intune with their hollow powers and become stronger, increasing offensive, defensive, and or speed stats. You may also gain one new ability.

To obtain this, the espada must train in their released form for 5-6 pages, stating the evolution of your form in the final page (Page 5 or 6)

must have at least 550

Doll Fusion:

This is pretty allows the Bountou to fuse with their doll with the use of reiatsu.

You must train or do an rp fight that would cause for desperate measure..the fight must last up to 6 pages, stating the desperation phase of the Bountou and the Doll conversing on the type of fusion that will undergo.

This is only for legendary bountou and they must have at least 525 pages
No Limit Mask (Vaizard)/Break Limit Mask >_>;

For legendary vaizards, they will no longer have a time period to have their mask and may keep it on for as long as they want. They must train for 5-6 pages and have at least 500 posts
Seirei Unison:

For Legendary quincy, they must break their bow with their bare hands after training with the Sanrei glove for 5-6 pages. This grants the quincy the ability to cast quincy spells without the use of silver tubes and the ability to fire large spirit blasts that could pierce through most objects. But for this increadible power, the user must have atleast 600+ posts and they musn't mostly consist of spam or posts that are in the games section...ok maybe the games, but we will keep an I on your role playing to see if you deserve it
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New transformations Guide
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