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 God Mode and You!

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10th Division Captain/Co-Admin

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PostSubject: God Mode and You!   Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:59 pm

The act of god mode or god modding or what ever you want to call it is WRONG! For those of you who dont know what this site describes as god mode then allow me to explain...

1) Controlling another posters character: Anything that happens to someone must be said by that person. What I mean by this is you cannot say whether or not an attack lands. You cannot say automatically do damage. Everything must be recognized by the person it is addressed to. An example of this aspect of God Mode is this:

"Asuma punches Victor in the face, breaking his nose"

The correct way to post the same attack is:

"Asuma throws a punch at Victors face, aiming to shatter his nose"

Now how exactly are those two different? Well the first attack automatically hit and did damage with out the approval of the victim. Attack two did not land (yet) and only said what damage the attacker was hoping to deal.

2) The Never Ending Evade: When a poster blocks, dodges, lessens or flat our ignores every single attack thrown at him/her that person is in the god mode. Now according to the first role posted victims say whether or not attacks land BUT THIS HAS ITS LIMITS. You have to be mature and realize attacks are going to land and quite often their going to land with full force.

3) THE NEW GUY BEAT WHO!?!?!: I dont care if your the greatest role player of all time, you cannot defeat a captain level poster with a normal ranked character. It just doesnt happen! KNOW YOUR RANK!

4) LOLOLOLOL ENDLESS ENERGY!!!!: Your character has his/her limits. No their not set in stone but they are there. If a fight has been going on for lets say 5 pages you simply wont have the energy to use major techniques. And you also dont have the energy to chain post uber strong attacks continuously. Please be mature, dont draw things out by forgetting your limits.

If you have any thing to add to this please send it to myself or one of the other admins in a message. In the Q&A section there will be an entire thread devoted to questions about whether or not something is God Mode.

Using God Mode eliminates the fun of text based roles playing games and thus it will be severely punished. No that doesnt mean instant ban for slipping up and posting poorly, Ive misworded things and slipped in an auto hit before, it happens. Please bring mistakes to the posters attention before bringing it to an admin, were all friends here!

On a closing note. If anyone has a concern over the strength of a non cannon (aka user created) technique then please bring said technique to an admins attention. Just because something is approved does not mean its correct, we slip up at times too
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God Mode and You!
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